The product advantage is real.

A selection of products that meet your clients' needs can make all the difference for your practice.

No matter how good you are at marketing or your sales process, at the end of the day you need products that fit your clients’ needs. It’s an advantage to have access to an array of products to do that — and if you’re not using it, you can bet someone else will.

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The little + that helps you stand out.

Stand out with knowledge.

Knowing what product options are available can be an important way to stand out for your clients. It’s not just what you’re able to offer, either. Just because you don’t offer a particular product line doesn’t mean your clients aren’t being offered that line by someone else.

For that reason, it can be beneficial to stretch your knowledge to the broker-dealer world, the RIA world, and the insurance world. If you often find yourself thinking, "I don’t need to know that because I don’t live in that world," you may want to expand your horizons.

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