Stand Out With Gradient

The Series 65 is right for you.
But it’s not just for you.

Do more for your clients by taking advantage of the Series 65’s value.

By offering insurance products, you play an important role in your clients’ retirement strategy. But you are just that: a role player. Your clients likely enlist the help of other financial services professionals or seek out other solutions to round out their plan for retirement income.

With the Series 65, you can discuss a wider product mix with your clients. That’s not the only benefit — you also build a business with real value that can serve as a key component of your own retirement strategy.

Discover how combining the Series 65 with Gradient delivers more for you and your clients by downloading our whitepaper.

Commission-only can be lonely.

Make the most of your Series 65.

The key to finding success is a partner that knows how to blend the insurance world with the investment world. That’s exactly what you get with the Gradient family of companies. One example is our Compass Report, a proprietary planning tool designed by our Case Central team. This must-have tool helps you show your clients a holistic plan to get them where they need to be in a way that’s easy to understand.

At the same time, it’ll show them you’re the only financial services professional they need.

Find out how the Series 65 can provide more for your clients’ retirement strategies — and yours — by downloading our whitepaper.

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For financial services professional use only.